US Climate Action Summit


The US Climate Action Summit is an event that building on the success of President Biden’s 2021 Leader’s Summit on Climate. 

Climate Group approached us to create an identity to support and promote the inaugural gathering of businesses, governments, and wider North American networks convening to boost state climate strategies and business action.

The identity package extends the core Climate Group identity and visual language into a targeted theme, serving as the backdrop for states, cities, businesses, and the public driving US climate action. 

We supported with hero graphics, social cards, virtual platform user interface, iconography, promotional videos, roundtable reports, agendas and Powerpoint decks.

The hero graphics heavily promote the big name speakers, including John Kerry (U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate since 2021), Ali Zaidi (National Climate Advisor to the White House), Xavier Becerra (Secretary, US Department of Health and Human Sciences), Shalanda Baker (Secretarial Advisor on Equity and Deputy Director for Energy Justice, US Department of Energy), Governor Gavin Newsom (Governor of California), Colette Pichon Battle (human rights and justice lawyer and co-founder of Taproot Earth).


Logo Design
Identity Design
Hero Graphics
Iconography set
Virtual Conference Platform Design
Animation + Video
Social Media Campaigns
Partner Report Documents
Conceptual Design
Word Templates
PowerPoint Templates
Data Reports
Editable Toolkits