Net Zero Futures



The Under2 Coalition’s ‘Net Zero Futures’ initiative, spearheaded by co-chair Scotland in collaboration with Bloomberg Philanthropies and Climate Group, aims to catalyze global action towards achieving net zero emissions. This initiative offers participating state and regional governments a platform for peer learning, resource access, and showcasing leadership in setting and achieving ambitious emissions targets.

Alchemy Mill was tasked with developing a visual identity for the ‘Net Zero Futures’ initiative that captured the essence of sustainability, progress, and collaboration. The identity needed to be adaptable across various communication channels and resonate with diverse stakeholders, from policymakers to the general public.

Drawing inspiration from the initiative’s core objectives, Alchemy Mill conceptualized a visual identity centered around the vision of a green, clean future. We crafted a series of evolving illustrations using simple geometric shapes, symbolizing the interconnectedness of states and regions in achieving net zero emissions. These illustrations were meticulously designed for versatility, enabling easy adaptation to different storytelling formats and infographic applications.

To enhance engagement in the digital sphere, we also leveraged the power of animation to breathe life into the static illustrations. The dynamic animations served as captivating assets for digital and social media communications.

The well-received identity was also used to complement and add to the existing core brand report style and into conference printed materials like banners and exhibition screens for speakers promoting the Net Zero Futures Policy Forum at COP28 in Dubai.