Tennis Wales


Tennis Wales is the National Governing Body of tennis in Wales. They work with the LTA, and Sport Wales towards a vision of tennis opened up across Wales.

We were approached by Tennis Wales and the LTA to create a new identity befitting the passion and spirit of this proud sporting nation. Our solution was to replace the previous logo’s Flag of Wales design with a unique take on the national symbol, the Welsh Dragon. Our new Tennis Wales Dragon is carefully crafted to integrate the English and Welsh language logotype. The reduced modern

take on the heraldic origins are designed and tested to work as accessible marques across all mediums, whilst retaining a strong sense of heritage and national identity.

The refreshed identity has breathed new fire into the organisation with increased visibility, confidence and improved brand proposition. Despite the challenges of Covid lockdowns the new the Tennis Wales network reported significant growth in the first year post rebrand with increases in tennis club membership, qualified accredited coaches and over 2000 new children taking part in tennis actively.


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