Greenhouse Sports

Brand Refresh

It’s our pleasure to present our new visual identity created for our long term friends at Greenhouse Sports

Greenhouse Sports delivers inspirational sports coaching and mentoring to engage young people and improve their life chances.

They are a charity that believes every child deserves a fair chance to succeed in life.

They partner with schools providing inspirational sports coaching and mentoring  for children who may be disengaged to develop key life skills that help them thrive.

As part of their new strategy, expanding beyond their traditional home in London, they now reach more people in more places across the country through an enriched set of programmes. They needed a brand that could help maximise their impact.

Working closely with the marketing / strategy and Youth Board team who shared ideas, experiences and personal stories we’ve refreshed Greenhouse Sports to reflect who they are now and where we are going.

The brand needs to bring positivity and passion to the table: as one interviewee observed: we should feel like the opposite of detention.

We were tasked to avoid the look or feel of a charity, positioning more for the look and feel of a youth movement. As part of our development process we crafted key messaging to build looks around. It was clear that the coaches are the secret sauce of Greenhouse, they help young people discover how much is possible when you are part of a team. We created key messaging including ‘Team For Life’ and ‘Jump In’ to act as the foundation of our new concepts.

The selected look couples lo-fi youthful rawness and playfulness with emotional positivity and empowerment. An open source brand, built from a simple kit or available parts with a strong badge that feels like a stamp.

We utilised strong use of typography and high contrast to make a point. Lots of attitude in the tone of voice and lots of storytelling about the ‘athlete’ – particularly where the athlete bucks a stereotype and has climbed their own personal mountain.

The abstract G ball logo represents strength and dynamism, we want everyone to wear the G with pride. Indeed, we are proud to call ourselves part of this wonderful #teamforlife.


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