The Climate Group

Climate Week NYC 2022

Climate group delivered this years Climate Week NYC once again with our platform ‘Getting It Done’.

It perfectly encapsulates the direction of the event, encouraging participating businesses, governments, and communities to really progress the climate conversation from commitments to actual action and the ‘lead by example’ inspiration the world is looking for.

The tagline employs deliberately difficult words to hide from. Tell us how you are getting it done, now, today. Not what you might commit to or renege on in the future. 

Fortunately the event has once more delivered some big progress on climate action. Companies like Volvo and Estée Lauder both featured ‘Getting It Done’ as a platform to make big climate action announcements for the event.

We all want to see more, this platform is designed for us to be shown more. Our high energy visual identity is a far cry from the event’s early very low key corporate styling, now much more focussed on people and participation and action and speed and passion!

We’ve been fortunate to have helped in the growth and awareness of this now huge event over the last 5 years and are encouraged by the rapid shift in mass involvement, critical analysis, media coverage. The entire conversation has really developed at speed from conjecture and little awareness to massive shifts in demand and in turn solutions and very visible changes as part of day to day life.

To build momentum and bring along the people who can really make the biggest difference through positivity is an acheievement we are very proud of.


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Getting It Done…

During the Climate Week NYC Leaders’ Reception, Matt Damon and Gary White, Co-Founders of Water.Org, and Kara Hurst, Vice President Worldwide Sustainability at Amazon, extended their partnership to provide access to safe water for 100 million people.

Adam McKay, who directed last year’s climate-change satire Don’t Look Up, donated $4 million to the Climate Emergency Fund and joined its board of directors.

Amazon announced the expansion of its renewable energy investments with 71 new projects—379 total—further solidifying its place as the largest corporate purchaser of renewable energy in the world. Included in the announcement is Amazon’s first renewable energy project in South America—a solar farm in Brazil—and its first solar farms in India and Poland.