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Climate Week NYC 2023

Reflecting on the remarkable journey with Climate Week NYC 2023 brings a profound sense of humility and gratitude. This year, we had the honour of crafting the creative identity and full branding for the Opening Ceremony, Climate Leaders Reception, and Hub Live events, along with city-wide out-of-home and social media campaigns. It’s humbling to note that this marks our sixth year as the creative design partner for the Climate Group.

As we navigated the challenges and successes, this particular year stood out as a transformative chapter. Against the backdrop of record-breaking sea temperatures, devastating floods, and wildfires, the Climate Group faced the formidable task of instilling optimism and catalyzing urgent action. The result? Climate Week NYC 2023 now stands as the largest climate event in history. Our pride extends beyond professional accomplishment to a personal commitment to contribute to a more livable, cleaner, and safer world.

To visually articulate the diverse tapestry of actions, we introduced an active ‘grid block’ design system—an adaptable approach mirroring the dynamic showcase of human innovation across various industries. This system also served as a vessel for the resolute message of ‘We Can. We Will’ that echoed through all communications.

This wasn’t just about making a big splash; it was about creating a meaningful impact in a world grappling with significant challenges. Consider the numbers: 585 Citywide and global events, a media reach of 6.9 billion (including the opening feature on BBC News at 10), 6.37 million digital campaign impressions, a powerful climate march with 75,000 participants, and 204 influential speakers.

These achievements are not just statistics; they are the collective efforts of a global community coming together. From California’s landmark lawsuit against major fossil fuel companies to the commitment of over 250 corporations urging world leaders to triple renewable energy capacity by 2030, the impact reverberates. Scotland’s First Minister announced new funding for countries most affected by the climate crisis, L’Oreal pledged €15 million to support communities facing the greatest disaster risk, and Volvo set a course to end all diesel production by early 2024, transitioning into an all-electric future.

In the grand scheme of things, these aren’t just big results—they are the ripples of change. Climate Week NYC 2023 has been a testament to the power of collective action, reminding us that, indeed, ‘We Can. We Will.’


Creative Direction
Conceptual Design
Logo Design
Visual Identity Design
Messaging Development and Theme Crafting
Venue Mockups
Brand Guidelines
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Physical Conference Venue Branding across 3 venues
Digital Holding Screen and Backdrop Display Animations
Social Media Campaigns and Animations
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App Assets and Promotion
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Check this write-up on Climate Week NYC by The New York Times, it’s great. We are so thrilled to have contributed to this momentum and shift in tone towards people-powered collaboration over the last 6 years.

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