Our Environmental Policy Statement

Alchemy Mill fully accept our individual and collective responsibilities to protect the environment and ecology.

We print in-house and also print manage projects where required. We choose the best solution and method that fits the clients needs the best. This includes maximising budgets whilst having the best environmental and sustainable solutions on hand. We also, once answering the request, offer other sustainable solutions for the clients consideration.

We also ensure that all of our print partners have the same rigorous environmental standards who themselves have a sound Environmental Management System. Our print partners work can also carry the FSC accredited logo if required by the client. Our policy is to use only vegetable based inks on all things lithographic.

We employ controls and procedures to help reduce consumption of natural resources and energy and to continually improve on current and newly identified environmental aspects. A small example of these but are not limited to, are ensuring no electrical devices are left on standby. We have EDF electric tariffs with suppliers that are gained from renewable sources like wind, solar, biomass, tidal and hydroelectricity.

We aim to exceed requirements relating to our environmental aspects, setting an example to others of our environmental management using the best available techniques with due regard to performance, timeliness and cost.

We have partnered with the Woodland Trust on their carbon capture programme. This means all of our product materials produced in house are 100% carbon offset. This is addition to any environmental benefits already applied to certain materials.

On all of our production estimates we now provide the individual sustainability and environmental credentials for each ordered item. As these differ from job to job and material to material, we feel its vital that our clients know the full extent of everything they order and its potential environmental impact. We also apply, as part of each estimate, a more environmental solution, if possible, for the clients consideration.

On an annual basis we will review, monitor and analyse our Environmental objectives and targets.

Our employees are educated and aware of the need to protect our environment and are committed to this policy and programme which is published and periodically reviewed for continuing suitability.